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When you are in the market for dependable personal protective equipment for your team, let Tom Smith Fire take care of each of your needs. Based in Brandon, Florida, our veteran-owned company offers the finest line of firefighter gear for every branch of the military. Our organization is headed by respected individuals who have dedicated their lives to public service. As your source for quality equipment, we pledge to provide each of our customers with top-grade products and personalized services, two things that we find are lacking in today’s corporate world.

Tom Smith

A retired US Air Force and former USAFE (United States Air Forces in Europe) Chief of Fire Protection, Tom Smith is the founder of Tom Smith Fire Equipment. A highly esteemed veteran, he has dedicated his life to public service. Tom makes great use of his firsthand experience by passionately contributing his expertise to the ever-changing requirements of today’s fire service industry. As an end user himself, he fully understands the importance of firefighters’ time and effort, and makes sure the company provides for their needs. Tom is available to meet with each of our customers in order to ensure their satisfaction with every product that we carry.

Todd Katz

Todd is a highly accomplished fire chief who has led teams from around the world in all aspects of firefighting, emergency management, and rescue operations, both during peacetime and wartime. With an extensive experience that spans more than 25 years, he has successfully built collaborative relationships with officers and officials at the national, local, state, and federal level. To make this possible, he continually promoted opportunities to refine and enhance training and knowledge on the latest advances in fire and emergency sciences and techniques.

A certified fire officer IV, fire inspector III, fire instructor III, and hazmat IC technician, he has an associate degree in fire science from the Community College of the Air Force and a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. He has been married to his wife Diane for more than 30 years. Todd and Diane have been blessed with two children, Samantha, 23, and Jack, 21. Todd has been deployed in Greece (Crete), Honduras, Bosnia, Kuwait, and Iraq, and has been assigned in the following air bases and air force bases:

  • Kirtland AFB
  • Kunsan AB
  • Tyndall AFB
  • Ramstein AFB
  • Robins AFB
  • Wright Patterson AFB
  • Lajes Field
  • Aviano AB
  • Scott AFB

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