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SmartDockSmartDock Freestanding

The first and only hands-free SCBA holder for fire apparatus. Firefighters no longer have to waste precious time fumbling with a cord or lever. With SmartDock, they simply stand up, exit the apparatus, and get to the fire faster.

Offering single-motion SCBA insertion and hands-free release, SmartDock is the clear choice for fire departments across the country. In the event of a crash, the top claws clamp down for a secure hold, preventing the tank from becoming a projectile.

Engineered so one model fits nearly all SCBAs used in today’s U.S. fire departments, SmartDock is low profile and easily and quickly retrofits to a wide variety of seats.

How it Works:SmartDock-Product-1_2

  1. Simply set the SCBA into the SmartDock base and gently push it into the upper claw.
  2. Check to make sure the SmartDock SCBA holder is properly adjusted.
    The knob on top of the SmartDock allows for easy adjustment.
  3. SmartDock holds the tank securely during transit and locks it in place in the event of a crash.SmartDock_App_Front_2
  4. SmartDock releases the tank with no levers or straps. Once the SCBA is strapped on, simply bend at the waist and stand up to release the tank from the upper claw.

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