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LION Gloves

Commander Ace Gloves

Specifications:LION Commander ACE glove_studio

  • An enhanced cuff/turnout sleeve interface for easy donning and doffing – even when wet
  • Lite N DriTM in the back of the hand, combined with a Kovenex® lining, for maximum thermal protection
  • A sleek, all-black design that complements any turnout
  • A gunn-cut design for optimal dexterity and fit
  • CROSSTECH® Insert with Film Technology for lightweight, breathable, liquid penetration protection
  • Split grain leather provides ample cut resistance
  • Available in sizes XXS to 4XL

Commander Gloves

Specifications:LION CommanderGoldBlack (NEW) - JPG

  • Greater Dexterity- Third-party test results show over 40% improvement for the Commander’s dexterity rating (over the original version).
  • Increased Thermal Protection- The Commander’s TPP results are above 60, far exceeding the NFPA 1971 standard.
  • Next-Generation CROSSTECH® Insert- It is fully bonded to a form-fitting thermal liner to create a 3D combination of thermal liner and moisture barrier. This results in better flexibility, less bulk in the palm and improved dexterity.
  • Modified Finger Crotches & Thumb- Designs typically used in 3D models have been incorporated to provide better fit and performance.
  • KOVENEX® Thermal Batt- The KOVENEX flame-resistant non-woven fabric delivers excellent TPP and radiant heat protection while enhancing dexterity, which eases doffing and donning, especially when wet. The fiber blend is also cut- resistant, tear-resistant and very “skin-friendly” – unique in FR materials.
  • Available in sizes: 2XS to 4XL

Mechflex Xtreme Gloves

Specifications:LION Mechflex Xtreme Extrication Glove LPGMXXT

  • Non-NFPA three-dimensional design for optimal dexterity and flexibility
  • Tough, 100% nylon outer shell
  • Spandex padding on back for abrasion, cut and tear resistance
  • Padded knuckles with stretch for extra impact protection from jagged metal and broken glass (often associated with extrications)
  • Heavy-duty, black synthetic leather palm and side-walls
  • Armortex®/Kevlar®-reinforced palm and finger patches for outstanding dexterity and puncture resistance
  • High-visibility lime green reflective material on back of glove for increased visibility in night time extrications
  • Slip-on debris-control elastic cuff for easy donning easy and to keep gloves free of wreckage fragments and rubble
  • Available in sizes S to 2XL

Rebel Gloves

Specifications:Rebel Glove_hi res

  • Dynamic 3D design with a 14-piece ergonomic shell for maximum dexterity and comfort with fingertip control, stretch and grip
  • Double-layer para-aramid knit, reverse goat hide and top grain cow hide outer shell materials
  • Enhanced double-chrome tannage on inner and outer leather for excellent thermal resistance, repels water, and stays soft and pliable when air-dried
  • CROSSTECH® insert with Film Technology offers lightweight, superior liquid penetration resistance
    Kovenex® thermal lining for form-fitting thermal liner molds to your hand, creating a 3D combo of thermal liner and barriers with better flex, less bulk in palm and improved dexterity
  • Lite-N-DriTM back-of-hand reinforcement for extra thermal protection for high- heat stress areas
  • Kevlar® wristlet with surged edging for better durability and protection than Nomex wristlets
  • Ribbed knuckle padding for impact protection for your knuckles
  • Leather reinforcement in palm for added durability for high-wear areas
  • Keystone thumb that provides ultimate range of motion better than a wing thumb
  • Enhanced thermal liner and moisture barrier sewing method for more comfortable fit with easy donning/doffing (No annoying liner pullouts)
  • Black with Gold palm and reflective piping for great- looking glove with an element to help with visibility

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