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A job done right starts with the proper tools. At Tom Smith Fire in Brandon, Florida, we are your source for a wide range of supplies. From firefighter gear to personal protective equipment, you’ll find everything you need to meet the demands of the job. Contact us today to order your gear!

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Suit up with Personal Protective Equipment

Tom Smith Fire

Safety first. At our veteran-owned company, we proudly feature a complete collection of personal protective equipment. Our goal is to ensure that every first responder and firefighter, whether volunteer or professional, is safe and equipped to perform his or her duties. By providing quality PPE, wildland gear, hazmat suits and equipment, EMS supplies, and other functionally innovative safety equipment, we keep you supplied for every job.

As you constantly strive to meet the demands of your job, you can count on Tom Smith Fire to do the same. Our owners work closely with more than 18,000 customers worldwide. We proudly serve all branches of the US Military Fire Departments, as well as civilian fire departments around the world.

Shopping for Fire Safety Equipment

Tom Smith Fire

Since 2008, Tom Smith Fire has been your source for personal protective equipment and firefighter gear that fits the needs of each of our customers. Founded and owned by retired fire chiefs, our store is your source for exactly what you need. We understand the unique challenges facing members of the military, and we can work with you to show you why you need different products.

Our Stock: from Hazmat Suits to Hoses

Tom Smith Fire

You never know which piece of equipment you will need for your next mission. From training props to wildland gear, we feature an extensive collection of supplies that are essential to your operations. We also offer exclusive deals on each of our products. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise you need to make the right purchasing decision.

A Veteran-Owned Company

Tom Smith Fire

Shopping small not only gives you exclusive access to the top products in the industry, but it allows you to receive service from a committed veteran. Our founder, Tom Smith, is a highly esteemed veteran who is dedicated to public service.

At our veteran-owned business, we focus on service when interacting with each of our customers. We work closely with all branches of the US Military to supply equipment for their fire departments. Our organization was honored by LION in 2014 with the LION Sales Excellence Award for ranking as a top 10 Largest-Buying LION Dealer.

Contact our company in Brandon, Florida, to shop for affordable firefighter gear. We proudly feature personal protective equipment for all branches of the military.

LION Sales Excellence Award (Top 10 Largest-Buying LION Dealer, 2014)

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